P.M.C. International Inc.
Contract Mining, Drill & Blast, and Bulk/Civil Earthworks Contractors

PMC is committed to maintaining the highest standards of
occupational health and safety.  The company's
management team is composed of experienced
Australian, Scottish and Africa expatriates.  This
composition of different nationalities, all with operational
experience in the African Mining Industry has ensured
that the company is able to implement it's safety
standards effectively. It is this Company’s policy is to
ensure a safe and healthy workplace, minimizing the risk
of injury to people and damage to plant.  equipment, and
the environment
The company places particular emphases on operational
issues such as the effective training of national personnel
in the safe operation of equipment and tools. The PMC
training system sets the framework for providing sufficient
skills and technical training to ensure that employees are  
competent in the performance of their duties, safely and
The PMC Safety Management System has been
developed specifically to meet the unique needs of
operating in Africa, in terms of education and language.