P.M.C. International Inc.
Contract Mining, Drill & Blast, and Bulk/Civil Earthworks Contractors
PMC is one of West Africa's foremost providers of bulk
earthworks and mining services and provides its clients
with a one-stop solution for all their requirements.

PMC offers clients a comprehensive range of
services including:

• Bulk Earthworks
• Cost Plus Bulk Earthworks and Management.
• Managed Dayworks.
• Project and fleet management.
• Feasibility studies, concept planning and cost studies.
• Equipment selection.
• Geotechnical, Engineering and Survey Services.
• Material handling.
• Infrastructure development and operation
• Site rehabilitation and environmental management
• Mining Planning and Engineering
• Open cut Contract mining

PMC provides contract mining services in West Africa.
The company has substantial operation. Large mining
equipment and the latest mining methods are employed.  
PMC utilises 200t class excavators, 100 tonne capacity
Dump Trucks and numerous auxiliary plant items. The
Contract mining operation is totally self sufficient, with
PMC has employed the latest technical
developments within the mining industry
were practical, but the company also
utilizes the real experience of our
hands-on, practical people who have
gained their experience in while working in
developing countries. PMC Personnel
come from a wide variety nationalities,
including Ghanaian, Guinean and Nigerian
mining expatriates that have been trained
by Australian mining professionals. The
company has a policy of developing the
skill level and sets of national employees
and utilises a hands on intensive training
programme manned by qualified
support parts and consumables sourced from Europe and Australia warehoused on site.  PMC Maintains a heavy
equipment workshop and over 5 million dollars in spare parts to ensure the continuity of the mining operation.
PMC has the technical personnel, equipment and procedures to undertake multidiscipline projects.  PMC has developed a
technical services department with the experience and resources to provide engineering solutions on Civil Projects.   
PMC's specialist civil capabilities include
Geotechnical investigative and compliance testing. Inclusive of the provision Soils Laboratory and Equipment.
Controlled and detailed earthworks.
Survey, design and construction of major haul roads utilising industry leading software
Bulk earthworks.
Earthworks for mining processing plants.
Tailings and water dams inclusive staged lifting of dam walls.
Environmental rehabilitation.