PMC International was established in 2005.
The company was founded around a core
group of middle management professionals
with long term experience in Africa and
operating remote projects. The company is
also investing in the Gulf region, and these
key personal will continue to contribute
PMC’s success.

PMC has a history of delivering on projects
like: Contract Mining in Guinee. PMC has
exceeded the contract mining requirements
with a workforce that has been sourced
from the local villages and intensively
trained to our exacting standards. PMC has
also completed the tailings dam and raw
water dams for same mine site ahead of
schedule. In addition PMC are well placed to
benefit from the companies technical and
operational experience with mining and  
marco earthworks projects.

But what makes PMC stand out is its people.
The Company’s Operations personnel,
fitters, engineers, tradespeople, and
support staff are some of the best in the
business. They work incredibly hard in an
environment where personnel
responsibility and opportunity are corner
stones of our management approach.

Our people with specialist skills in
infrastructure, communications
infrastructure, contract mining, and
operations and maintenance delivery,
teamed with systems that are developed for
and work in Africa has made PMC
International one of the most diverse and
experienced contracting companies in Africa
Contact information

Telephone Numbers: +61 423 979 559 / + 224 6445 6785  / +971 507098867
Email :
P.M.C. International Inc.
Contract Mining, Drill & Blast, and Bulk/Civil Earthworks Contractors
“Our people, backed by our systems and
processes, drive our performance.”